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Scientific Literature

Ethics and Policy



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Related: ESHRE supports the position of ESHG on embryo selection based on polygenic risk scores (ESHRE)

Related: L. C. A. M. Tellier, N. R. Treff, S. Hsu, L. Lello, and E. Widen  Scientific refutation of ESHG statement on embryo selection. European Journal of Human Genetics (2022).

Related: F. Forzano, O. Antonova, …, C. van El, and M. Genuardi. Reply to Letter by Tellier et al., ‘Scientific refutation of ESHG statement on embryo selection’. European Journal of Human Genetics (2022).


Resources of the National Society of Genetic Counselors:

J. Flanagan. Polygenic Risk Scores and In-Vitro Fertilization: What to Consider When Using Genetic Testing.

J. Austin. Using genetic testing to select embryos with lower risk for schizophrenia: What should I know?

Commentaries by LifeView and Others

Commentaries by LifeView

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