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Qualitative and Quantitative Sociological Research on Attitudes of Patients and Clinicians

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At the launch of our project in May 2021, we held a roundtable to bring together clinicians in reproductive endocrinology (REIs) and clinical geneticists with research scientists, lawyers, and ethicists to share views on PES across disciplinary boundaries. In Pereira et al., Human Reproduction (2022), we describe four clinically relevant issues identified by our multidisciplinary group: (i) the potential expansion of assisted reproductive technology (ART) services to a new pool of reproductively healthy individuals; (ii) patient requests for PES despite clinicians’ skepticism of whether there is sufficient evidence to support its clinical use; (iii) predicted disagreements between REIs and intended parents about how to specifically apply PES; and (iv) changes in REIs’ practices (e.g., the role of genetic counseling) that may be necessitated by widespread adoption of PES.

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